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Out with the old, in with the new!

Yesterday 15 brand new bikes arrived at the track!
We have 5 ladies bikes, 5 gents mountain bikes and 5 youth mountain bikes. We can’t wait to use them!

A MASSIVE thank you to Luke Farey at Get Out There MTB for sorting these bikes out for us at an amazing discount!

Thank you to Steve and Caroline from the cycle hub at Forward Motion who helped with the assembly of our new bikes.

Unfortunately Jack – Special Olympics Gold medalist – recently had his own bike stolen. He came to us to see if we could help and we are so happy we could! We hope you enjoy the bike Jack


We would like to advise you that the track will be closed on the following dates:

– Tuesday 2nd July
– Saturday 20th July
– Saturday 27th July

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused! See you another day at the track 😃

Just Ride Southend to Manchester

We made it! Our 236 mile cycle from Southend to Manchester has been completed! We are all so amazed and proud of what we have achieved.

It is now pretty clear that until you attempt something like we have just done it is really hard to realise how much planning a dedication goes into pulling a challenge like this off. So to start with we would like to say thank you…
Martin Crocombe (logistics) Chris Thorn (mapping) and Nick Alston (too many jobs to mention!)
The support crew, Nick Alston, Alan Cook, Peter Shaw, Alan Tideswell, Chris Roberts and Amber Everson who made sure they were exactly where they needed to be throughout every part of the journey.
To Southend Council Transport for lending us a minibus, Alan for his van and Nick his car!
Sue Blaylock at Simply Cycling for sorting out our welcome in Manchester and being our inspiration from the very beginning.
The Riders, who pushed their bodies to the limits, Trevor Phillips, Pete Shrimplin, John Gretton, Sandra O’Connor, Gwen Cook, Helen Banks, Mark Bryson, Jonathan Li, Dave Tideswell, Brian Barker, Matt Mills, Elric Heslop.
The Saturday Just Ride team who kept the show running and worked so hard in our absence.
Brian Barker our Chairman for pulling us all together.
To everyone who has donated to the cause and to everyone who comes to Just Ride and leaves smiling. Without ALL OF YOU we wouldn’t be here today.

For more photos and to see our updates throughout the journey please visit our Facebook page: Just Ride Southend


Helen, Gwen, Brian and David all getting some practice in this morning. Luckily the buses don’t pass through Barling that often so they had to continue! Well done guys!


28th & 29th May

Half term next week so our sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday will be extended.

Tuesday 28th May 10am-1pm
Wednesday 29th May 10am-1pm

See you at the track!

Just Ride Southend to Manchester… One Month To Go!

A team of volunteers at Just Ride Southend have taken on the mammoth challenge of cycling from Southend to Manchester in a day! They have all been putting in loads of hard work and training over the last couple of months.

Simply Cycling ( were our inspiration and mentors from the very beginning (2014). It is safe to say we have had an incredible journey over the last 5 years. We would like to celebrate our 5th and their 15th birthday this year.

We are completing the 250 miles cycle in one day as a relay team. If we use all the daylight hours we would need to average 15mph to achieve our goal. Not Tour de France speeds but still a very real challenge on roads that are open to traffic.

We will hopefully arrive in Manchester in time to celebrate before a well earned rest and a return journey by minibus and van the next day.

Our number will include three tandems as well as solo riders. The tandems will include an all female bike, a visually impaired rider and one of our trustees who has Cerebral Palsy.

We are all very excited to rise and ride to the challenge. Thank you all so much for your support.


Please follow the link if you wish to donate…

If you would like to donate to us via a sponsorship form instead you can do so at the track.



The track is unavailable for our session this Wednesday (22nd May). Sorry for any inconvenience!

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