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Drum roll please…

It has taken a little while to get all our final donations in from the Just Ride Southend to Manchester cycle… We are please to announced we raised £4,475.34 in total!

For our first ever big fundraiser we didn’t do bad at all! The support we received is truly amazing!



We owe a huge thank you to Jo Kinsler and friends for their fund raising efforts on our behalf at the Southend carnival. £150 was raised in total, we are so happy you thought of us as your chosen charity. Well done to all involved!

Saturday 10th August

Just Ride Southend will be open. The session will be going ahead as normal as well as the Learn to Ride session. However, there is a yellow weather warning issued so if we feel that the track becomes unsafe we will have to close it.

27th July Closure

Just a reminded, we are closed today 27th July, see you on the 2nd August. Sorry for any inconvenience.

When the school holidays start both our Tuesday and Wednesday sessions will be extended to 10am -1pm!

20th & 27th July – Closure

Just a reminder we are closed for the next two Saturdays (20/27th July), see you on 3rd August. Sorry for any inconvenience!

When the school holidays start both our Tuesday and Wednesday sessions will be extended to 10am -1pm!

Out with the old, in with the new!

Yesterday 15 brand new bikes arrived at the track!
We have 5 ladies bikes, 5 gents mountain bikes and 5 youth mountain bikes. We can’t wait to use them!

A MASSIVE thank you to Luke Farey at Get Out There MTB for sorting these bikes out for us at an amazing discount!

Thank you to Steve and Caroline from the cycle hub at Forward Motion who helped with the assembly of our new bikes.

Unfortunately Jack – Special Olympics Gold medalist – recently had his own bike stolen. He came to us to see if we could help and we are so happy we could! We hope you enjoy the bike Jack


We would like to advise you that the track will be closed on the following dates:

– Tuesday 2nd July
– Saturday 20th July
– Saturday 27th July

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused! See you another day at the track 😃

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