Update – 24th June 2020

Hi Everyone,
We would just like to give you another quick update.
We are still unsure as to when the centre will officially open again and unfortunately until this happens we have no choice but to remain close.
Without the centre we do not have any access to water or toilet facilities.
We have had many discussions and will ensure a safe plan is in place for when we resume. As soon as we have any new details we will update you.
In the meantime thank you all for your continued support and patience, we look forward to seeing you at the track, hopefully soon. ❤️🚴‍♂️

Time Flies!

Wow, can you believe it? It’s been a whole year since we completed our Just Ride Southend to Manchester cycle!

This was such an amazing achievement that we all look back on with such wonderful and maybe slightly painful memories (for the cyclists!)

For those of you who might not have known us this time last year, volunteers of JRS cycled from Southend to Manchester in a day to raise money. The trip was a total of 250 miles in one day as a relay team, although a few cyclist completed the entire distance!

Our riders included three tandems as well as solo riders, an all female bike, a visually impaired rider and one of our trustees who has Cerebral Palsy.

Simply Cycling (based in Manchester) were our inspiration and mentors from the beginning and as it was our 5th and their 15th anniversary we thought this challenge would be the perfect opportunity to fundraise and celebrate all we have achieved.

In total we raised a total of £4,475.34 with the support of so many kind and generous people, not bad for our first big fundraiser! 😁❤️🚲




We would like to thank each and everyone one of our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work and dedication.
Just Ride Southend is run purely by volunteers… how amazing!
We are missing seeing everyone so much and can’t wait to get back to the track when it’s safe.

Thank you!


Movement For Good

Please nominate Just Ride Southend for the Church Matters with Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Awards.
Your nomination really counts, £1,000 could make a real difference to JRS in helping provide inclusive cycling for all.
Your nomination could be the one that helps us win.

Visit www.movementforgood.com, click ‘Nominate a charity now’, and enter our charity number, 1179453 to find Just Ride Southend (community).

The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of winning, so please spread the word. Thank you for your support! 😊🚴‍♂️


Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 17.27.08

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update, we have been at the track in the last week fixing the bikes and having a clear up so huge thanks to all involved.

The leisure centre has now also closed. Please stay safe, be positive and take care ❤️

Coronavirus Update

Sadly we have decided to suspend all Just Ride Sessions as of today due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We have a number of extremely vulnerable people who attend as well as volunteers who are in the high risk group. Also we have a duty of care to all our users who may not be vulnerable but have family members who are older or have other conditions.
We can’t sterilise our bikes and shared equipment and guarantee that they would be virus free on all surfaces.
As we are outdoors hand washing facilities would require a journey to the toilets every time someone coughed or sneezed.
We will review this decision weekly and publish our intentions on a Thursday evening each week.



Thank You Venus Healthcare Homes Ltd

Thanks to Venus Healthcare Homes Ltd for gifting us a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. This upgrade will sure make things easier!

We have received so much support in the last two weeks from everyone, Just Ride are so grateful.



Happy Friday Everyone!

Huge thank you to Gareth and Gillian for their donation of two bikes. One small ladies cycle and one Specialized mountain bike.

Thank you for thinking of us 😁



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