3rd Birthday Party

fullsizeoutput_2690So another year has flown past, happy third birthday to us! Yesterday we held our annual celebration to mark another year of Just Ride Southend.

We have come on leaps and bounds this year. Growing in size every week, picking up our extra Learn to Ride and Rides Out projects. We have our great new Just Ride letters on the container, our personalised stickers on the bikes and our new volunteer t-shirts so that we all look the part! Not to mention all the bikes we have accumulated this year, making our total around 100 bikes! We haven’t done bad have we?

Yesterday proved just how valuable JR is to our community and how important it is to bring people together. The fact that our volunteers run one of the only cycling projects around that allows absolutely everyone to cycle is pretty amazing.

Everyone has made so many memories down at the track and there are still thousands more to be made. Thank you to each and everyone of you for all your support over the last three years, we couldn’t have done it without you. xx

(check out our gallery for more photos!)


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