Our complaints policy and procedure

At Just Ride Southend we are committed to making cycling viable, safer and better for everyone and we aim to do this with integrity through a professionally delivered, quality service. There are always things on which we can improve. It is our aim to remedy any weakness in our operations so that we can maintain high standards expected from Just Ride Southend and it’s volunteers and staff.
We take seriously any comments/incidents/complaints. We aim to deal positively and constructively with all complaints and every reasonable effort will be made to deal promptly and efficiently with each one. We will investigate them thoroughly and objectively and seek to resolve them satisfactorily.

2. Definition
For the purpose of this policy we have defined a complaint as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction that merits a response’.

3. Complaints Procedure
All complaints will be dealt with in confidence with the proviso that enquiries may have to be made to investigate issues whichare subject to a complaint. Also, an individual against who a complaint has been made has the right to see the complaint and comment on it. The effectiveness of our complaints procedures relies on us being able to investigate the matter properly. For this reason any anonymous complaints received will not be dealt with under this procedure and will be dealt with only at the discretion of the Trustees.

Stage 1: Informal Stage
Session leaders should try and resolve most complaints informally and as close as possible to the point at which it arises.
If the resolution is satisfactory, the session leader should make a note detailing the issue and how it was dealt with so that a record could be made.

Stage 2: Formal Stage
If the issue has not been resolved or there are legislative (e.g. Health and Safety, Child Protection) or competency implications to the issue, a formal complaint should be initiated. At this stage, the details should be put in writing and sent to Just Ride Southend within 8 weeks of the incident occurring explaining the details of the complaint, a statement of the steps already taken to address the issue and the form of resolution sought.
Just Ride Southend will acknowledge this within 5 working days and will determine whether the complaint can be dealt with by them or whether the complaint should be passed for investigation by the Trustees. The complainant will be informed of this.
It is expected that the formal procedure should normally be completed and a written response issued within 21 working days of receipt of the initial complain unless a mutual extension period is agreed.

Stage 3: Investigation
If necessary Just Ride Southend will contact the complainant to explore anything unclear. It is important to be understanding and sensitive to avoid any feelings of recrimination.
Notes of any conversations of this nature will be recorded and dated.
A meeting will be held with the volunteer or member of staff who may have been involved in the incident to objectively investigate what occurred and clarify the steps taken already to resolve the situation.
Notes will be taken of this meeting and kept on file with the initial complaint.
Any action taken will be noted and the complainant informed in writing of this.

Stage 4: Review
All accidents, incidents and complaints are logged and will be reviewed by the Trustees.
All actions taken to resolve complaints or to change practices will be monitored and reviewed by the Trustees and conveyed to session leaders.
It is the responsibility of all Just Ride Southend staff to ensure that they keep up to date with changes to policy and practice and convey these changes to session leaders and volunteers and that they conduct themselves professionally, safely and promote Just Ride Southend’s values of openness and integrity at all times

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